Spinal Decompression just sounds so much nicer than traction. Many times we have patients that pass by our treatment room with our spinal decompression/ traction unit in it and say...”holy cow, what in the world is that thing?”

Immediately it brings to their mind the old rack method of torture.

Spinal decompression is typically used for difficult cases of lower back pain. Particularly when there is a disc issue(i.e. bulge, herniation, sequestration, or slipped disc)

Think of your disc as a jelly donut. It has a hard material on the outside with a soft jelly like material on the inside. Either through wear and tear or too much pressure being exerted on the the disc (heavy lifting) the jelly like inside material will squirt out through the outside layer resulting in a disc herniation, bulge, or slipped disc.


The way that spinal decompression or traction works is by basically pulling the spine apart creating a negative pressure within the disc, which in essence pulls the material that has squirted out back in.