Chiropractic for Pregnant Women

pregnant woman

Getting adjusted while a woman is pregnant is one of the best things that a mother to be can do for herself and also for her baby.
There are many different reasons why a pregnant woman might seek treatment while pregnant. Some of the more common reasons have to do with the strain and stress that being pregnant puts on the body.

Such issues often include lower back pain, sciatica, mid back pain, pain in the front of the chest or in the back under the bra strap, tightness in the chest and a feeling that she can’t get a full deep breath. headaches, migraines, neck pain or just a general feeling of being out of place and being “out of whack”.

When a woman that is pregnant had subluxations prior to becoming pregnant any symptoms or underlying problems will almost always reappear or become worse while pregnant due to the hormones in the body and the extra stresses on the body from weight and changes occurring within the body.

Not only can chiropractic care help with many of the pains associated with being pregnant but it can also help with the actual delivery of the baby as well. By aligning the spine and pelvis it will often allow the baby to obtain the proper position when it is time for birth as well as allowing the pelvis of the mother to be in a proper position and move and open up to allow the baby to pass through during the birthing process.

Recent studies on pregnancy and chiropractic adjustments have revealed that adjustments result in easier pregnancy, significantly decreased mean labor time, and assists new mothers back to prepartum health. In one study, women receiving Chiropractic care through their first pregnancy had 24% shorter labor times than the group not receiving Chiropractic, and multiparous subjects reported 39% shorter labor times. Thirty-nine percent-that's a massive difference. In addition, 84% of women report relief of back pain during pregnancy with Chiropractic care. Because the sacroiliac joints of the pelvis function better, there is significant less likelihood of back labor when receiving Chiropractic care through pregnancy.

Our doctors are experts in treating pregnant women from the day of conception all the way until the hour of labor. Adjusting can also help to speed the birthing process up while a woman is in labor.

Our office even has special adjusting tables just for pregnant women and their beautiful bellies.


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