Car Accident Chiropractor

A number of compelling Workers Compensation studies have shown that Chiropractic really works, costs less, reduces time away from work and can eliminate the dangers of drugs and surgery!

Theses exciting studies send one clear message to you and your family: if you are suffering from a musculoskeletal injury - whether its from an old sports injury, a recent whiplash or work injury - Chiropractic is a very effective and affordable method of natural healing.

Get lasting relief from your nagging aches, chronic pain, numbness and tingling, and joint stiffness !


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The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that
sprain and strains account for the highest frequency of all occupational injuries in the United States.

The risk factor that can cause or aggravate musculoskeletal disorders include: repetitive motion, forceful exertions, lack of exercise and poor posture. Low-back disorders are the most common complaint among workers.

Musculoskeletal disorders can occur when your spine is out of alignment and when muscle or tendons are stretched or over-used beyond their capabilities.
These injuries respond fantastically to Chiropractic care !


A new study published in the April 2011 issue of The journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine was conducted by medical and other healthcare professionals outside of the Chiropractic profession. Researchers followed 894 workers compensation cases involving low-back pain for a perdiod of one full year.

The study concluded that when compared to treatment by physical therapists and MDs, patients treated by Chiropractors had better outcomes, lower medical expenses, fewer surgeries, fewer disability recurrences and
shorter periods of disability!

If you have been involved in a work injury, we can help. Dr. Mortensen has treated thousands of work injuries with great success and Dr. Craig has even become a QME and an IDE to further his knowledge of the work compensation system and the most frequent injuries that occur at work.