Chiropractic Adjustments. Changes in Organ Systems & Natural Treatment of Disease.

Chiropractic Adjustments. Changes in Organ Systems & Natural Treatment of Disease.

            Chiropractic adjustments can produce direct and measurable effects (proven through research) on the central nervous system. A Chiropractic adjustment can release an entrapped spinal nerve due to a subluxation, (bone out of alignment pinching on a nerve), effecting those same nerves that follow out to the periphery of the rest of the body. A spinal alignment can effect different nerves all the way to the fingers and the toes. 

peripheral nervous system

           Chiropractic adjustments can help the autonomic (automatic) nervous system.  Did you ever stop to think that your stomach, heart, and liver are working without you ?  How so ?  The autonomic nervous system controls most of everything in our bodies that we don't control ourselves.  Nerves miraculously control the organs of the body by the way of the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves to different areas of the body. 

autonomic nervous system

Spinal manipulation is associated with changes in heart rate and how it varies (slow or fast).  A report in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics (2006) by Budgell and Polus stated that Chiropractic adjustments of the thoracic spine were associated with significant heart rate values and influenced the autonomic output of the heart. The heart rate typically lowers with the Chiropractic adjustment because of the shift in the neurological communication of the autonomic nervous system which causes the heart to slow or normalize. The research study by Budgell and Polus offers potential answers for many as to why patients' heart rates spike for no apparent reason. The spine, although a great influence on the nervous system, has often been overlooked in the clinical arena as the prime cause for cardiac issues (beyond cardiovascular disease).  The authors of the research article emphasized that Chiropractic has many positive effects for many conditions (not to interrupt co-care with an MD). 

            Chiropractic care should be considered a conjunctive treatment to go along with your regular regimens, necessary treatments, and routines for staying healthy.  Regular maintenance and preventative Chiropractic care can help restore, refresh, and revive a subluxated nervous system, which can help improve the quality of life.  Make your appointment today.

Reference: The American Chiropractor, Dec. 2015.

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