Have you ever thought of how much time you spend in your vehicle ?
How long are your commutes ?
Do you sit in busy traffic ? 
How many times per week ?  

Cumulative time spent in our vehicles tends to stress the mind and body in different ways.   If  your ergonomic postures at your computer desk have been checked out,  well-thought out, and implemented, so should the ergonomics of  your own automobile.  

The more time we spend in our vehicles, focus should be placed upon proper ergonomics while riding, in order to prevent spinal problems in the long term.   Planning ahead for the potential for any accident to occur, we also must rely on our own postures to assist our bodies' functioning at a greater potential.   

In the midst of our busy lives, how often do we stop to think about our automobile's car headrest ?  Automobile ergonomics ?   You can adjust your automobile's head restraint to prevent whiplash injuries.  During an automobile crash, whiplash occurs while your torso is moving in a different direction than your neck. 

Ideally, your head restraint/headrest should have the least amount of space in-between your head and the rest, creating a supportive, safe range-of-motion that your head can move.  According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, there should be about 2.5 inches of space in-between your head and the restraint.  The back of the head should be level with the middle of the restraint.  Protecting the range-of-motion of your head and neck is the key to preventing less whiplash occurrence if your vehicle is hit.

          Whiplash injuries are an expensive and painful problem in our country.  There are more distracted drivers than ever before.  Focusing on your phones, texts, the radio, or children can damper how much focus we have on the act of driving.  29 billion dollars per year is spent treating the pain and disability that is caused by whiplash alone.  Whiplash injuries can be slow to heal with many flareups which can last up to 2 years or a lifetime if left untreated.  Please check and adjust your head restraint today in the prevention of any future whiplash injuries.

Yours in good health,
Dr. Rotuna DC
Placentia Chiropractic Center


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